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Expedited Freight

The basic goal of expedited freight shipping is to cut out all wasted time and get the goods where they need to go on a time-sensitive delivery basis. There are multiple methods used to accomplish this. For one, trucks shipping expedited freight rarely stop along the way. The precious cargo being delivered is the keystone of the route. Expedited freight services streamline the shipping process to get goods delivered in the timeliest manner possible.

International Freight

International freight shipping is more complex than interstate or intra-state domestic freight transportation. Different destination countries each have their own unique rules and requirements, depending on the specific commodity and value of freight being shipped. There are also a variety of export compliance issues that need to be addressed when it comes to international freight shipping. It does seem complex, but with the help our help the process is made simple for shippers.

Hazmat Freight

Shipping your non-regulated chemicals and regulated hazardous materials from points A to B throughout the United States and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii, transpires under our watchful eye and documented processes. Your hazardous shipments are handled in strict adherence to transportation regulations to help protect you from liability.

Specially trained, experienced staff is on call around the clock; managing hazardous materials transport. Plus, all our drivers have hazardous materials endorsements on their commercial driver licenses.

Flatbed Freight

A standard flatbed trailer is a piece of shipping equipment designed with a long, plank-like ‘bed’. It has no sides and is used to ship items that are bulky, oversized or oddly shaped. The most common items shipped via flatbed trucking are large pieces of machinery and equipment, construction materials, lumber, oil & gas items, cars, large engines, shipping containers and the like.

The Redden Group - Full Truck Load

The Redden Group - Full Truck Load

Oversized Loads

Shipping oversize loads can be challenging, but sometimes it is the most efficient way to get all of your goods from point A to point B. Since there are many laws and restrictions surrounding the shipment of wide loads, it’s important to remain informed.  The Redden Group specializes in making it easy to understand the requirements and limits of oversized loads.

Power Only

Power-Only Trucking is when only the tractor and driver is hired to connect to and deliver a pre-loaded trailer. This is common when there is an unexpected amount or excess freight with more trailers than tractors available to deliver. All types of loads can be carried and delivered with power-only trucking, including flatbeds, chassis, containers, exhibition trailers, special event trailers, dry vans, refrigerated vans, and specialty trailers for local runs or long hauls – and you can trust The Redden Group with your Power Only loads.

More Freight

The Redden Group is a nationwide transportation broker that can ship anything. We routinely ship beer, water, beverage, Hazmat chemicals, food, hotel furniture and much more. You can trust The Redden Group to handle whatever you need shipped with the utmost care and professionalism at an industry competitive price – just give us a call for a quote.